The Rum Runner team is the three of us, Jim, Al and of course Drake. The idea for Rum Runner started to rattle around in Jim’s head over 30 years ago. He had to “get rid” of a couple of kids, sell a couple of businesses and get fully relocated to the BVI. Jim comes out of the entrepreneurial corporate world with his last venture being a boutique Investment Banking firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions. In 2021, Jim adopted Drake from the animal shelter in Tortola and Drake quickly took charge of the culture and brand of the business.


Alastair jumped on board for the 2023 season leaving frigid Canada for a new life in the Caribbean. Al has worked in the guest services business for several years and has brought that experience along with a strong desire to learn everything there is to learn about boats.


Rum Runner really got its start for the 2023 season and met with success beyond the wildest expectations. The business revolves around our “mother ship” Rum Runner, on which we formulate and pour our drinks. We have two huge soft-serve ice cream machines that produce the best frozen drinks imaginable. Starting in the 2024 season we hope to be powering our equipment with a combination of green technology including solar and batteries. While some of our guests visit Rum Runner to get their drinks, most of our business is conducted from our little inflatable dinghy that zips around, taking orders for drinks and delivering those drinks back to your boat within minutes. We can easily be spotted by our orange flag and Drake standing proudly on the bow tubes of the boat. Of course, sometimes the delivery times will vary as Drake is asked to give a few kisses along the way.